Love’s Affliction

Joseph Fafa of Nigeria has high hopes when he begins his premed studies at a North Carolina College. But his love for the beautiful and talented daughter of a prestigious Southern family threatens to destroy his dreams of becoming a doctor. Will he escape the power of an irate father and hold onto his youthful love, a flare of illumination sparked amidst the clash between two cultures?
Love’s Affliction braves the limits of romantic love, overcoming barriers, and pondering how the dreams of our youth can temper and deepen our foundations.


Love’s Affliction is a must-read book. It is part of a growing African migrant literature produced in the United States and dealing with important themes such as student-life abroad, love, romance, and cross-racial or cross-cultural encounters. The writing is very alluring and compelling, revealing the sophisticated nature of a new type of African literature from the United States.”
Babacar M’Baye, PhD, Professor of English, Kent State University, author of The Trickster Comes West

“A must-read, Love’s Affliction is an exceptionally gripping and poignant story. While intense throughout, there is resolution – and not quite what one may expect!”
San Francisco Book Review

Loves Affliction is a poignant and emotional story of young love as it transforms from friendship to forbidden love, despite the cultural and racial barriers dictated by society.”
Laurie Bedigian, Detroit Daytime Talkshow Examiner

“An exceptionally well crafted work, “Love’s Affliction” is an engaging and extraordinary multi-cultural novel that documents author Fidelis O. Mkparu as a talented, first class storyteller. “Love’s Affliction” is very highly recommended for personal reading lists and would prove to be a valued addition to community library Contemporary Fiction collections.”
Midwest Book Review

“The brilliance of Mkparu’s novel is in its exploration of our humanity and the frailty of even the brightest of us. He tantalizes the reader all the way, teasing and tossing both wisdom and seduction with ease. It’s destined to be a landmark in the African migrant literature… It will leave the reader with greater sympathy for the African migrant long after he or she has put down this book. For the migrant reading it, he or she will find reasons to cheer for Mkparu has brought his or her story home. If you love great country music, you will love this book.”
Rudolf Okonkwo, Sahara Reporters              

Love’s Affliction skillfully situates the topic of interracial dating and the  “forbidden fruit” within the confines of what is was like to cross the racial line of romance in an academic setting in the Southern part of the United States. This book is a must read for people interested in learning more about the internal dynamics and complexities inherent in the process of crossing the color bar in America.” 
Prof. Bessie House-Soremekun, IUPUI